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Quality Repair Services for New Jersey Pools

Expert Pool Repair Services

Even with the most pristine routine maintenance, swimming pools will occasionally require repairs. Accidents happen; pumps clog, skimmers leak, pump fittings melt and liners rip. No matter the issue, our team is standing by to repair your pool and get it back into good working order.

When Does Your Pool Need Repairs?

Identifying and Repairing Pool Leaks

A good rule of thumb – if you see leaking air or water, it’s usually a sign of a crack or liner tear. When you see something’s wrong, contact your local New Jersey repair experts at CharNel Pools to inspect and diagnose your pool repair needs. We can replace and fix pool filters and heaters, plus use epoxy injections to repair cracks in the sidewall. If any pool products like pumps or heaters need to be replaced, you can trust our vendors to provide quality replacements.

Our pool repair services include:

  • Filter repair
  • Heater repair
  • Epoxy crack injections and repair
  • Installation and replacements of pool products
  • Liner installation & renovation

Once your pool is back up and running, sign up for our maintenance services to increase the longevity of your swimming pool repair.


See an air or water leak? Get in touch with us ASAP to stop further damage to your pool and property.

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