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Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance Services

The only way to sustain the beauty and functionality of your pool is to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs. Let CharNel Pools be your go-to for pool and spa solutions that extend the lifespan of your summertime oasis.

Total Pool & Spa Management

Quality Maintenance Services for Your Pool

Relax and enjoy the sunshine while the CharNel Pools team handles the weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of your pool. Our team will take on the hassle of your pool’s upkeep, including chemical treatment, filtration cleaning, skimming and return clearing. Plus, our Certified Pool Operators will inspect your mechanical system operation for optimal output. We know you want to enjoy your pool with the right amount of chemicals, which is why we have a water testing lab that allows us to make the best decisions to keep your levels balanced. Invest in the routine maintenance of your commercial or residential pool to enjoy fun in the sun for years to come.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance Plans
  • Certified Pool Operator Programs
  • Lab Services

Water Quality Analysis for Commercial and Residential Pools

Pool Water Testing Services

With our Certified Pool Operator Program, you can simplify your operations testing routine. Bring in a sample of your pool water for a water analysis test and receive a results printout free of charge. We can also supply you with all of the safety equipment, chemicals, signage, logbooks, and test kits you'll need to keep your pool running smoothly.


Make a splash this summer with a newly repaired pool.

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